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Thank you for visiting MyKikitori.com. This is a listening practice site for anyone who is looking for extra listening practice in beginning Japanese. Each lesson here closely follows the grammar and vocabulary introduced in the textbook, Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Volume 1 published by The Japan Times. With an easy two-step process, you can practice your listening comprehension at your own pace.

Most lessons consist of two listening exercises, followed by comprehension check questions. You can listen to the exercises as many times as needed. There are two speeds for each exercise: Natural Speed and Slow Speed. With an intention to provide you with listening practices that are close to real-life situations, Natural Speed audio files are in most native speakers’ speaking speed, and also contain background noises that would actually be heard in the real-life situations. On the other hand, Slow Speed audio files are spoken in much slower speed than native speakers’ speaking speed, without any background noises, to help you better understand what is being said. After listening to an exercise, proceed to the accompanying comprehension questions. Questions are in audio format, in hopes to better assist you in becoming familiar with listening comprehension of questions. Additionally, questions in Lessons 1 through 6 are provided with a “Hint” function. You can simply drag your mouse over to the “Hint” icon, and you can see the questions in text. This function is available to help you understand the questions better. Upon completing the questions, you can check the answers with a simple click on SUBMIT.

MyKikitori is created as a Master of Arts project by Aiko Kariya Sato at San Francisco State University. I believe that in order for any foreign language learner to be able to speak a foreign language, one must be able to listen and comprehend. Without listening skill, speaking skill is difficult to cultivate. However, I feel there are not enough resources for beginning Japanese learners to practice their listening comprehension. With that in mind, I decided to make a website any beginning Japanese learner can utilize to gain extra listening practice. For any inquiries, please contact me at mykikitori@gmail.com